Proper Staging Sells Your House Faster

Proper staging will help to sell your house faster. Brad’s experience as a set and lighting designer can work for you.¬†Even the best home in the world shows poorly in bad lighting. The correct balance will showcase the great features and hide the flaws… think good happy hour lighting!

There are a lot of great designers out there, but it isn’t just about making a “pretty picture”. It’s making the best use of the space, in order to best showcase the space. Let’s face it, people are not coming in to buy your amazingly comfy couch. We want them to see how great the room is, so they see themselves in your space.

I bring the mind of an artist to the business of selling and buying homes. Phoenix is a tough market, always changing, and evolving. Thinking outside the box is a must, when it comes to making your home stand out.

I also bring with me my life experience of being a “working/struggling” artist and can respect any budget. So many people panic when they hear “staging’. It isn’t about spending a lot of money. It’s about bringing balance, simplicity, and harmony to your home design, in order to be appealing to the widest audience possible. I love the challenge of making it happen with the items already in your home!

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